Hi everyone,

Sometimes you buy a lip balm that doesn’t moisturise your lips at all. These are our favourite lip balms that are brilliant for chapped and dry lips.


Eos’s are quite rare and expensive in the UK. You can get from Topshop for £7.00, Selfidges for £6.50 or Urban Outfitters for £6.50. You can obviously get it on only stores or amazon. They look a bit like half a sphere. You can get them in loads of flavours including coconut milk, lemon and mint. They are brilliant for a little lip balm to carry around at school or in your handbags.


Burt Bees

Burts bees are so hydrating and will keep your lips soft all day. You can get them in high street stores such as boots where it is £3.69. You can get it in wild cherry, coconut & pear, blueberry & dark chocolate, pink grapefruit, pomegranate oil, honey, mango butter and Açaí Berry.



Clinique Baby Tint

Clinique Baby Tint are quite pricey but brilliant. My favourite colour is the purple one. It doesn’t show up purple just a really nice pink. You can it from places like Debenhams and Selfidges or where ever has a Clinique counter.


Hope you found this helpful




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