My Summer Necessities

Hey!!! I thought that I would share with you my summer necessities. I really hope that you enjoy reading this.

1. A good book – I like to relax on a sun lounger with a good book trying to get a tan😂.


2. A cute travel cup – I like these because if it’s not so warm you can have hot or cold drinks in this.


London Cup from Cath Kidston – £7.00

3. Sunglasses – don’t you always find that you look so much more tanned when you look through these;)

Red sunglasses on a sunny beach

4.A film – I need one of these to watch on my computer after a day by the bay. I would choose something like Harry Potter or a cute disney film that I loved when i was little.


Can be bought for £7.00 at TESCO.

5. A camera – To laugh, to cry it captures it all.


6. Something sweet – It’s the holidays, so treat yourself. I love to nibble yummy food on holidaysweet shop

7. My phone – Do I need to explain why I need this?


I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have found out a bit about me as we go along. Baiii

 -M 😀


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