Oreo Cupcakes

Hi everyone, today I decided to make Oreo cupcakes by Tanya Burr. INGREDIENTS For the cupcakes: 175g butter 165g caster sugar 3 eggs 40g cocoa powder 125g self raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 pack oreos For the frosting: 2 packs oreos 100g butter 200g icing sugar Start by switching your oven on to … More Oreo Cupcakes

Man sized cookies

Hi guys, Just moved into my house in Portugal and thought I should do some baking so I was looking on the web and I can across some cookies. The recipe is made up by Zoella and Tanya Burr. Zoella baked them on a video on her second channel. (Link below). 200g butter 300g caster … More Man sized cookies

Birthday Cake

Hey!! Ok so it was my mums birthday a couple of days ago and as she was abroad I decided to bake her a cake so I added some cocoa powder to a Simple Sponge and made a marble cake. I also made two other mini sponges also marble. Thanks for reading -M😎😋🍰