Christmas party makeup look 

Hi guys, today im going to show you a good sparkly Christmas party makeup look that would go with most outfits. 


Step 1. With an eyeshadow brush apply a golden champagne colour all over your eyelid as a base.  

Step 2.   Apply  a sparkly copper/orange eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye then blend into the crease and with the champagne shade.  

Step 3.   With a small detail brush apply a dark brown eyeshadow on you bottom lash line and blend.  Make sure you take the dark brown all the way into your inner corner. 

Step 4.    Finally apply eyeliner to your waterline and lots of mascara to your eyelashes to make it more dramatic.  


Step 1.  Line the outside of your lips carefully with a red lip liner 

Step 2.    Fill in your lips with a red lipstick. I used Bright red but you could use a darker berry shade.  

Thanks for reading 🎄🎅🏼

-R x



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