Review: The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

Hi guys, as and early christmas present my friend bought The Glam Guide. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it! It is by one of my favourite you tubers Fleur De Force. Her blog and channel are both amazing. 

 The illustrations in this book are really beautiful. They all look really realistic. Also, because there is a lot of them it makes you understand the text better. 

 There is a wide variety of content in this book such as makeup, fashion, hair, health and fitness.

Interesting Pages:

pg 13-15 The eye colour wheel 

 pg 90-95 Wardrobe Essentials 

 pg 70-73 DIY Hair masks 

 pg 126-127 How to Shop the Sales 

 pg 128-129 How to Look Good in a Photo 

 pg 138-139 Travelling in Style 

 pg 160-163 Top 3 Juices and Smoothies 

 I think that Fleur writes in a way that is really easy to understand for most people. There are lots of quick and easy DIYs or Tutorials.

Hope you enjoyed reading



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