Zoella Beauty Christmas

Hi guys, today I am going to review beauty blogger Zoella’s Christmas beauty range. I know this range was limited edition but some of the products in this range are in the original too. All these products also had the original scent as well.


Awesome Drawersome:  

 This product had amazing and practical packaging. All the products came in a sturdy set of cardboard drawers. Even though it might not have been the best idea to make it out of cardboard which can be run down easily, you can still put light weight things in there such as lipsticks, cotton wool pads and facial wipes.

Bath Bombins: IMG_0542This product has great uses for it’s packaging. The products are in a glass jar perfect for putting cotton wool pads in. This jar will look really pretty on your dressing table.

Two Balmy:  

 Two balmy was packaged in a beautiful little red and white spotty box. There was even a loop of ribbon  on the top so you could’ve hung it to your Christmas tree. This packaging doesn’t have any practical uses but it still looks nice on the shelves.



Awesome Drawersome: IMG_0529The first gift in the Awesome Drawersome was the Too Cute many makeup wash bag. This gist is definitely ‘Too Cute’ to be true. it is a white base with pink red and blue polka dots on it. Inside is a baby pink fabric.

IMG_0534IMG_0532The next product is a shower puff. This is a beautiful colour of cream with baby pink streaks running through it.

IMG_0537IMG_0535Another product in this set is the Soak Opera bath soak from the original collection. I have mentioned in previous blog posts that this is my favourite product that Zöe has brought out so far. It is pearlescent baby pink colour. Only a tiny bit goes a long way so it lasts for quite a while. I was quite disappointed with the amount of product you get in the shower gel bath soak and body lotion. Most of the tube is taken up by unnecessary air.

IMG_0538Flowers and Showers is a shower gel in this collection. It is blue and pearlescent in colour. It is very much like the Soak Opera but doesn’t lather quite  as well.

IMG_0539Creamy Madly Dreamy is another product that is in the original range. It’s a great product that does the job. It sinks in fast and leaves no residue on the skin.

IMG_0558IMG_0541Zoe also brought out a body butter for this set, Butter Me Up. I haven’t actually tried this product yet but it looks and smell really good. Excited to try that.

IMG_0523The last to products in the Awesome Drawersome set are the mini fizz bars. You can also get a larger one of these in the original range. These are the same as the full sized fizz bars just with different packaging.

Bath Bomins: IMG_0542As I have said above these come really cutlery packaged. The have the beautiful scent of the original range which I adore. This fizz away quite quickly though and don’t give much colour into the bath.

Two Balmy: IMG_0527Unfortunately I haven’t found these lip balms to be all they are hyped up to be. I don’t feel like the mint has a strong enough scent and I think the the Vanilla has the same scent as every other christmas lip balm out there. The mint lip balms colour also doesn’t show  very well but the vanilla one does. Over all not the best products for me.

IMG_0561IMG_0560Finally I got the Rose gold vanity case. I think this is a beautiful bag that is really sturdy and can fit a lot in.

And that concludes my Zoella Christmas Beauty blog post. I hope you enjoyed. Please comment down below if you have tried any other products that I haven’t just mentioned.




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