Packing tips for a weekend away 

Hi guys, so when I go away for a weekend I always end up packing to much or to little. Over time I’ve found some really good tips to make packing easy and organised!

Tip 1. Look at the weather forecast for where you are going 

If you know what the weather will be like you can pack the right type of clothing and you won’t pack clothes you don’t need.   

Tip 2. Pack the minimal amount of products. 

Packing two red lipsticks or three shower gels is pointless especially if you only need one. So only pack one of each thing you need.   

  Tip 3. Keep different things separate. 
For example keep all your socks and underwear separate from your clothes, and your electronics separate from your makeup. This helps you stay organised and makes things easy to find. 

 Tip 4. Roll clothes don’t fold them 

This creates more space and doesn’t crease your clothes. It also makes things easy to find.  

 Tip 5. Keep some kind of bag to put dirty clothes in

This separates dirty clothes from clean clothes so when you get home you can just dump the dirty clothes in the wash without having to sort through everything. 

 Tip 6. Put your chargers in a little bag 

This stops them from getting lost and tangled. There is nothing worse than having a dead phone and no charger.  

 Tip 7. Make a packing list 

If you make a list of everything you need, you won’t forget anything. Just tick it of when it’s packed  

 I hope this helps 

Thanks for reading 



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