Review: Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Le Fizz


Hello everyone, I have recently been on a big shop and bought some things that I have been wanting to try. I tried to pick up all the new Zoella products. But there was hardly any left and all the remaining products were battered, used and bruised. The only product I could get was the ‘Le Fizz‘ fizz bar.


Zoella first brought out her beauty range in September 2014 with her first scent. She then brought out her Tutti Fruity range along with extra additions to the original range and christmas special. There has been a fizz bar in all off the ranges.


Firstly, this new scent is AMAZING! some people may be put off by the word ‘Sweet’ but it isn’t the sickly candy sweetness it is more of a cake and pastries sweet. It smells a lot like an almond croissant.


I didn’t notice any moisturising properties. Although I only put one square in the bath I still could smell it easily.

I think that this is a beautifully smelling bath fizzer and will leave you with a delightful sweet scent in your bathroom.




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