Review: TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume


Hi everyone, I have recently purchased these new TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner product which is used different than others. You actually use the conditioner BEFORE the shampoo. This can only be done using these specific products and claims to make your hair feel:

‘Soft and silky – But still have beautiful bounce’

Having washed the conditioner out of your hair it will supposedly prevent the hair from being weighed down and flat. This shampoo claims to give your hair more bounce and volume.

The shampoo have the same formula as any normal shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo being in a gel form and the conditioner in a creamy gel form.


I think that the scent is quite a floral musk scent and can be quite strong but the scent doesn’t linger after the hair has been washed.

Because my hair is quite dry and already voluminous I felt that this shampoo and conditioner made it quite frizzy (which is something that most people hate). I think that the products are made from people with thin and oily hair and not for people with very thick hair.


Although my hair was frizzy it was still really bouncy and light and was not weighed down at all. The shampoo comes at a price of £2.49 and the conditioner is the same. If you do have thick and dry hair and want a budget shampoo and conditioner I recommend using the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. It smells great and is really good for dry hair.

I think the reverse system was a good idea but maybe the conditioner need to have a couple more lingering moisturising properties that won’t be washed out by the shampoo.

I hope this review helped you.




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